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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Darts legends in Lancaster - Feature

Last weekend 'The Legends of the Oche' visited Lancaster for an evening of darts, beer, jokes, fags, stories – and more beer. Our reporter GREG LAMBERT was privileged to spend time with darting greats ERIC BRISTOW, JOHN LOWE, BOBBY GEORGE – and, er, DUNCAN NORVELLE.
IT'S just under an hour before the doors open at Lancaster's Grand Theatre and I'm supposed to be interviewing Eric Bristow. But he's disappeared down the pub.

Seems you can take the booze away from darts players, but you can't get darts players away from the booze.

In 2009, when Phil 'The Power' Taylor is a multi-millionaire and darts is second in TV sporting popularity only to football, 'the new people's sport' has tried to clean up its image as just a 'pub game'. (full article...)
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