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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fund Raiser appeal to help youth darts.....

hey Players, well the time has come for the PArkhill Youth Dart Team's annual Fundraiser dart tourney and Silent Auction. Last year we had great support from many different ppl and companies. We raised just under $900. for the day. The total funds went 100% to the youth league, in turn paid for the players trip to Youth Provincials in Belleville ontario (about 600 klm away). I had my head shaved this day which raised about $165 also... not bad for

This year we are sending 12 players to youth Provincials. We are planning another tourney in mid April. I already have some great items for the silent auction (which is where we make the $$.. since the tourney is 100% payout.)

So far we have shirts and darts coming from David Fatum, John PArt Shirts and a set of his darts. We have local items such as a few gift certificates.

We are looking to see if anyone else would be interested n donating ANYTHING to help out this cause. Dart Shirts, Sets of Darts, PAcks of flights, Cases.. anything that might bring in a few dollars for the youth league.

we have a web site up and running right now also if you would like to check it out, it has some profiles of some of the players, which is great reading.

I also have NOT cut my hair since last may (last time it got, and will again be collecting $ to have it shaved again, Also Ringer (my son ) will be shaving his also... We have a hair stylist here that will be doing the cutting and we will take pics of the full events all day...IF anyone would like to donate to the Coach getting shaved again, please let me know.

heres to hoping some of the pros on here jump on board and suport... also, if you have contacts of some of the pros, please feel free to email them this message and hope they support!

FOr anything else, Please send me off an email. Remember this is for the Youth players. All funds goto the league.

Thanks and happy Darting

recentlypoor At Execulink Dot Com source link--->Youth Fundraiser Suport
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