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Monday, July 27, 2009

from the email stack... ADO Region II-2... Regional Qualifier


The next regional is for the US Team where the winners will go on to compete at the National Playoffs in Denver, Colorado in October. The date for the men's regional is set for Sunday August 2nd at 10am for sign-ups and 11am start time at the Fleet Reserve in Poway. I was advised that the management has arranged for food to be available that day, more than likely at their usual $5 a plate, to help support the event.

Please pass the word along to any you think might be interested.

If you need the address or directions, please let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

It is on the bottom level of a duplex style office type building, but not too hard to find. If you need additional details, please email me directly.

Fleet Reserve
14231 Garden Rd
Poway, CA

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Take care!!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i watched this match on my MACBOOK PRO
while drink drinking beers on my patio over looking the Conejo Valley .
It FELT LIKE superbowl sunday ..
You could see Phil was trying to get that nine dart game .... he knew he won after the the tenth game ,,, but ,,
( and what kept me into it ) was he , at that point was trying ,, and trying hard ,,, to be perfect ,,,,
then i saw i little ME ,,, in his game ,,, yep ! ... it was when he dropped him dart,,,
and just like me ,,, didn't change my game at all ...
and just like throwing 144 8TO's in five days ,,, JUST like me ,,, yep !!!! I had a dream that i did that ,,,
hooray for Televised Darts ,,, but we can't forget we are not pros , so support your local leagues ,,,

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