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Saturday, July 25, 2009

world matchplay - 25 July 2009: Phil Taylor v Mervyn King at the 3rd break...

11th leg:
Taylor is not putting any pressure on Kings throw and King hits the 180 to leave 61.
King wins the leg.
Taylor 6-5

12th leg:
Taylor wins the leg..
Taylor 7-5

13th leg:
Taylor 180,180, T20, s19... 32 left
s16, d8... Taylor breaks King's throw.
King 8-5

14th leg:
King seems to be wilting under the pressure in this leg...
Taylor finishes 40 (3 darts at the d20) with King on 90
Taylor 9-5

15th leg:
King is throwing well enough to just hold his advantage, and wins an 11 dart leg.
Taylor 9-6

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