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Friday, July 24, 2009

from the email stack... July 24, 2009

One of our friends in darts, Jan Bulai, passed away on Wednesday, July 22nd. Jan had been battling with breast cancer for many years, which was in remission for some period.
Jan lived in East San Diego county with her husband of many years Dennis. She played with the GSDDA Women's All Star team for a long time, and played on many league teams over the years, until her sickness would not allow her to play. Jan played on ladies league dart teams with Sue Noon, Sue Carmichael, Tracy Leicester, Anne Jones, and Gina Aguero, and many others. She was one of the early GSDDA members (started playing in 1978), and played darts at a very high level of excellence. She had told me in the past that she had a sponsor during the 1980s and played professionally all over the US, doing very well in many national tournaments.
I also believe that Jan was a member of the Moonspinners Ladies Darting Association for many years.
Jan operated her own business for many years, organizing estate sales, for which she was very successful.
For those of us that knew her, she will be greatly missed. Please pray for her family in this tough time.
Charles Bradish
San Diego, CA

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