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Friday, July 03, 2009

SEWA-DARTS.COM has launched it's first newsletter....

From: Team SEWA World! Might be you stumbled as some of us did on the SEWA Homepage over the sentence: “Subscribe to the SEWA newsletter”. The sentence has disappeared in the meantime because till now no newsletter existed. It was a project Erik had on mind when he founded the SEWA forum but somehow it never happened and in the end was forgotten. But those of us who had stumbled over it thought a newsletter would be not a bad idea or at least something one could try. Of course a newsletter for a forum is a little bit tricky – a newsletter announces what is new on a site. But what really is “new” in a forum? Should we announce new discussions? New topics discussed? Is that really something not active members or active members would be interested to know? Should we announce something like: At the moment we discuss Phil Taylor´s throw come and join us? Or: zeeple has a used set of vintage darts to sell – come and have a look? We were not sure people what would really be interested in this…. In the end we decided what we could do was to pick up current topics in the article or review section – might be even write an article like I did with my LVDC article or George Silberzahn did with his Fable and combine this with the forums topics. This first newsletter is still a work in progress – we’re new to authoring a newsletter and to be sure we’ll improve and learn during the venture. We decided to publish it in time for a really important event – the Las Vegas Desert Classics – and of course want to include another very important event – the Pacmania II. Here it is – we hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll get curious enough to log into SEWA! Charis George Silberzahn thought about the situation of the sport of darts in America and the result is a fable which starts like this: How Darts came and went: a Fable In the year 1960 there were a lot of bars and saloons and not many taverns or pubs and bars were gathering places for mostly neighborhood residents and the same people populated the bar stools night after night. Some bars had a brass foot rail still and some had a spittoon still and a few had a Lady’s entrance with tables & chairs still and beer & whisky was sold mostly and there were wicker baskets with pretzels on the bar and some sold sandwiches and some had soup and these were mostly gathering places for working people. Some bars had a ring suspended from the ceiling by a string and a large hook on the wall and this was a game where people would see who could swing the ring onto the hook. And some bars had shuffle boards & decks of cards for those so inclined and the game of knobles was played with coins and those in the game would guess at the total number held by all and bumper pool showed up and there were lots of games with which people occupied themselves. And bars had a dart board. Read on here:

Might be it will be the last Las Vegas Desert Classics though now Dartoid tells us it will not be the case – here some kind of a review: The Las Vegas Desert Classics For me the Las Vegas Desert Classics though a PDC tournament always were an American tournament – probably because Las Vegas for me is some kind of embodiment of America. Funny enough or might be in the end not really funny is that from my outside view the Americans never really adopted the tournament – the qualifier is still after all those years dominated by the British PDPA players and it never attracted the American masses to watch – it´s really not well known for a lot of atmosphere it´s more the opposite to the Premier League evenings which have got almost too much. Read on here:

This year a sporting hero from a totally different kind of sport discovered his liking for darts, Manny Paquino, and he started to support darts with organising tournaments offering quite some price money. It looks there´ll be more of those tournaments called Pacmania. Find out more about Pacmania II and read what is planned in future.

A few months ago in England a new darts magazine was published the first time: “We love Darts”.
Now already the fourth issue will be on the market and one hears a lot of enthusiastic comments. On SEWA you can find a review!

Another a lot discussed publication was Barneys “The Eye Of The Tiger”. Barney’s biography was first published two years ago in Holland. Now one can buy an English version. You can read more about the book here:

But that’s not all the SEWA news: Erik wrote a review of A.C.E. Moveable Points (

Taechon tells us what he thinks of dart books ( and in the tournament forum you find a lot about the Pacmania while all LVDC news and updates will be posted in the PDC America forum. And there’ll be a LVDC Trivia contest with a great special prize for the winner! In the future all newsletters will only be sent to those who’ve ‘subscribed’ to receive them but I took the liberty to send to all registered users this one time in hopes that you might now subscribe to get future newsletters as Charis, Dart_Talker, George Silberzahn and other work to provide additional copies. Thanks Erik - Team SEWA World! Staff ==============================
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