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Sunday, July 19, 2009

World Matchplay - 19 Jul 2009: Lloyd vs Jones at the 2nd break...

6th leg:
Jones hits 180 to leave 161
Jones misses badly trying to finish 24 for a bust.
Lloyd does not finish it so Jones finishes the 24 on the first dart this time.
all level at 3 each in legs.

7th leg:
Lloyd wins the leg against the throw...
Lloyd leads 4-3

8th leg:
Jones takes a leg that was not very remarkable...
it's all level 4-4

9th leg:
Lloyd takes the leg...
Lloyd leads 5-4

10th leg
back to back 180's one by each player!
an 11 dart leg for the win by Lloyd!
Lloyd leads 6-4 at the 2nd break!

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