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Sunday, July 19, 2009

World Matchplay - 19 Jul 2009: Lewis vs. Stompe... at the 2nd break

6th leg:
Lewis to throw first...
Again this leg opens slowly, but Stompe hits his first 180 and Lewis responds with a 135.
Stompe takes the leg against the throw!
Lewis 4-2

7th leg:
180 for lewis to leave 100!
Stompe does not have a finish and Lewis wins the leg.
Lewis 5-2

8th leg:
Stompe has a chance to win the leg but cannot finish a 20!
Lewis wins the leg!
Lewis 6-2

9th leg:
Stompe hits the 180
Stompe finishes 28 to win the leg with Lewis on 160.
Lewis 6-3

10th leg:
Lewis streches his lead with a win!
Lewis 7-3

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