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Saturday, July 25, 2009

world matchplay - 25 July 2009: Phil Taylor v Mervyn King at the 1st break...

16th leg:
Taylor throws his 10th 180 of the match.
With King on 106 Taylor takes out the 20 on the first dart.
Taylor 10-6

17th leg:
Taylor Reaches a 3dart finish first and finishes the 124 to steal the leg against the throw.
Taylor 11-6

18th leg:
Taylor 140, 97, 100, 60,
King 45, 100, 58,45,
Taylor finishes 104; t20, s4, d20
Taylor 12-6

19th leg:
Taylor takes the leg against the throw.
Taylor 13-6

20th leg:
The crowd has started to sing Taylor's song! Walkin' in the Taylor Wonderland.
With King looking as if he is suffering from the heat, Taylor finishes this leg rather smoothly, cool, calm and collected.
Taylor 14-6
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