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Saturday, July 25, 2009

world matchplay - 25 July 2009: Ronnie Baxter v Terry Jenkins - final

26th leg:
Baxter to throw first...
Jenkins steals the leg.
Jenkins 15-11

27th leg:
Jenkins finishes the leg effortlessly...
Jenkins 16-11

28th leg:
Solid scoring gives Baxter the first chance at a 2 dart finish.
Baxter finishes 88; t20, d14 to win the leg.
Jenkins 16-12

29th leg:
Jenkins is on a 3 dart finish at 132, but can't finish it.
Baxter has a try at 145, but can't get done.
Jenkins first dart d20 to take the leg and the match!
Jenkins wins the match 17-12!

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