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Saturday, July 25, 2009

world matchplay - 25 July 2009: Ronnie Baxter v Terry Jenkins at the 3rd break...

11th leg:
Baxter seems to have found his form and is threatening to steal this leg.
Jenkins could not finish a 132 missing the Bull by a wide margin, and Baxter takes the leg against the throw.
Jenkins 7-4

12th leg:
Baxter's scoring seems to have escaped him at this moment but he still has a chance to hold his throw...
Jenkins finds the double first and takes the leg.
Jenkins 8-4

13th leg:
Baxter misses a chance at the double and Jenkins holds his throw.
Jenkins 9-4

14th leg:
Baxter holds his throw.
Jenkins 9-5

15th leg:
The players are pounding in the 140's in this leg.
Baxter had a chance to steal this leg, but misses the Bull to finish the 82.
Jenkins finishes 56; s16, s20, d10
Jenkins 10-5 at the 3rd break!

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