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Sunday, July 19, 2009

World Matchplay - 19 Jul 2009: Lloyd vs Jones at the break...

Colin Lloyd v Wayne Jones

1st leg:
Lloyd to throw first...
both players hit a few tons
Jones hits a 180 leaving 57
Lloyd holds on the take the leg

2nd leg:
Jones hits the 180 leave 240 Lloyd on 316
Jones 140 to leave 52
Jones misses the finish leaving 16
Lloyd trys for 100 and leaves 60
Jones bust
Lloyd wins the leg!
Lloyd leads 2-0

3rd leg:
Jones takes the leg... both players had trouble making consistent scores...
Lloyd leads 2-1

4th leg:
Lloyd wins the leg...
Lloyd leads 3-1

5th leg:
Jones takes the leg...
Lloyd leads 3-2 at the break!

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