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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

world matchplay - 21 Jul 2009 - Ronnie Baxter v Jelle Klaasen final.

at the 13th leg both players were averaging 95 and Klaasen pulls up to within on leg Baxter 7-6

18th leg Baxter to throw first with the match with Baxter leading 9-8 and needing a win to take the match. There was strong enough scoring in this match to see Klassen leave himself 16, and Baxter step to the line with 80. Baxter first dart t20, second dart misses the d10 wide! Third dart dead center d1o. Leg win Baxter!

Ronnie Baxter 10-8 Jelle Klaasen final. World Matchplay
First Round
Tuesday July 21

Andy Hamilton 6-10 Gary Anderson
John Part 6-10 Vincent van der Voort
James Wade 10-3 Jamie Caven
(link to full report...)

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