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Friday, January 07, 2011

After 8 sets - Jan Dekker v. Garry Thompson BDO World #Darts Championship

set 4
leg 1 Dekker comes out with a bit of fire power in this leg and takes the leg, but the second leg sees Thompson strike back with big scores of his own to level it 1-1. leg 3 sees slow scoring but Dekker sees the double first and gets it to make it 2-1 Dekker. leg 4 Thompson throwing first and strong scoring from both
Thompson on 166 leaves 32, Dekker 206 leaves 164, and Thompson back to take the leg level 2-2. leg 5 decider level scoring by both Dekker will be on a finish first wanting 106, Thompson  leaves 162, Dekker leaves 32, Thompson leaves 80, Dekker takes the leg and the set.
Thompson 3-2

Set 5
leg 1 starts with strong scoring and thompson holds on to take the leg, Thompson 1-0. Leg 2 Dekker strikes back to level level it 1-1. Leg 3 Thompson had 3 at TOPs with Dekker and misses, but Dekker can't finish the 170 and Thompson takes the leg 2-1, leg 4 Thompson opens with 180 then 21 then 180 then makes a mess on 120 by trying s20, bull, bull but misses 2nd dart. Dekker takes the leg to level it 2-2 this was Thompson's set for the taking. leg 5 Thompson scores well and takes the leg and the set.
Thompson 4-2

set 6
leg 1 Dekker holds his throw. Leg 2 Thompson holds his throw. Leg 3 Dekker holds his throw. leg 4 Thompson opens with 180, 100 Dekker misses the doulbe on a 130 finish and Thompson is back to level up the set 2-2. leg 5 Strong scoring in this leg and Thompson should see the double first from 84 and Dekker on 90. Thompson leaves 22 by a wire. Dekker leaves 25 by a wire. Thompson leaves 11 and Dekker is back to take the leg and the set. Tompson missed 4 for the set and the match!
To this point the last 15 legs have gone with the throw
Thompson 4-3

set 7
leg 1 Dekker takes the leg for a break of throw. leg 2 180 by Dekker leaves 167. Dekker leaves 8, Thompson leaves 14, Dekker leaves 4, Thompson leaves 4, Dekker takes the leg Dekker 2-0, leg 3 Thompson takes his first leg of the set, Dekker 2-1. Dekker 180 puts him on 103 The Dekker leaves 36, Thompson can't finish 95 and Dekker Takes it!
Sets are level 4-4

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