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Friday, January 07, 2011

Jan Dekker v. Garry Thompson #BDO World #Darts Championship 1st break

Dekker v. Thompson
Set 1 saw Dekker start fast, but Thompson struck back right away and held on to take the set. There were some scoring highlights in this set, but most notable wan Dekker having difficulty setting up his finishes by hitting the wrong number and having double trouble.
Thompson 1-0

Set 2
Thompson takes control of this set from start to finish. He scored well and is finishing at about 35%.
Thompson 2-0

Set 3
In the firs leg both have double trouble and Dekker is able to take the leg to make it Dekker 1-0.  Leg 2 Thompson has a dart at the double, but Dekker was able to hold on and take the leg Dekker 2-0. Leg 3 Dekker need big darts to finish with Thompson on 40, Dekker can't take it and Thompson gets a leg to save the set Dekker 2-1, Leg 4 Dekker on 120 and Thompson steps up to take out 4.
Leg 5
Both players start scoring well but Dekker gets first shot at the double.
Dekker wants 80 for the set leaves 20
Thompson 24 for the set 3 misses
Dekker 3 misses
Thompson takes the set.
Thompson 3-0

Set 4
Thompson out scoring Dekker in the first leg to have frits shot at the double and takes the leg.  leg 2 sees Dekker throwing first and he scores well enough to get first look at a double and take the leg. leg 3 Thompson 180 leaves 177, Thompson gets first crack at the double and takes it. Leg 4 sees the fisrt 180 from Dekker leaves 263 and scoring advantage. Dekker holds his advantage and takes the leg level 2-2. Leg 5 decider Thompson to throw first slow scoring by both to start the leg. 9 darts by both before a t20 is hit. Dekker wants 42 with Thompson waiting on 114. Thompson does not finish Deeker leaves is back to take the leg and the set.
Thompson 3-1
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