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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

email-> Help us to make a global #Darts tournament diary

Interesting idea...

I would like to introduce our new site. Aimed at providing a platform for global listing of darts tournaments/competitions.
Please take a look at the site from by following the link below.

Help us to build the listings base and to make it a worldwide”one stop” for national competition calendars.
Registration is free.
30 day basic adverts are free
Easy to use choice menu
Ads separated into regional areas
Detailed search engine

There are also categories for sale of  darts items, and players wanted.

If you, or people that you know organize dart tournaments, please help us to build this site. Tips and suggestions are always welcome.

This is a one-off mailing. All email addresses that do not reply will be automatically deleted from future mailings. If this mail is of no interest please accept our apologies and simply delete the mail.

Best regards

John Devine

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