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Sunday, January 02, 2011

PDC World #Darts Championship Jenkins v. Anderson, semi-finals set 1

set 1, leg 1
Anderson to throw first
Jenkins steals the leg against the throw
Jenkins 1-0

leg 2
Jenkins first
Anderson 180 leaves 160
Jenkins wants 129 leaves 67
160 l t5
Jenkins 2-0

leg 3
Anderson 180 should get anderson to the double first
Anderson wants 155 leaves 58
Jenkins wants 178 leaves 78
Anderson gets the leg
Jenkins 2-1

leg 4
Anderson 177 keaves 78
Jenkins 140 leaves 40
Anderson leaves 40
Jenkins back to take the leg and the set.
Jenkins legs 3-1, sets 1-0

Jenkins comes out firing hard and fast to take an early advantage, but it's still early and Anderson has shown the ability to regroup and comeback strong with heavy scoring.

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