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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Edwards v. Hedman BDO Woman's World #Darts Championship

set 2
Edwards had first at the double, but required 6 tries to take the leg, In leg 2 Edwards wanted 137 and hit t20, t19, s 10 to leave 10 en-route to doing battle with the d1 which she repeatedly before polishing it off.

leg 3 throwing for the match
Edwards 140, 100, 60, 60, wants 141 and 57 leaves 84.
Hedman 125, 41, 39, 24, 24, 121 leaves 127 (an unfortunate scoreline that illustrates her scoring difficulties in this match.)
Edwards wants 84 leaves 40
Edwards takes the leg, set and the match

This was a match that saw Hedman have insurmountable struggles hitting her numbers and grouping her darts. To take noting away from Edwards, this was not Hedman at her #2 seed best. Well done to Edwards as she moves on to face Gulliver in the Woman's final on Friday.
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