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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday - Adams v. Phillips at the Break #BDO World #Darts Championship

Phillips v. Adams
set 1
Just joining a all level 2-2 and Phillips is throwing and wins the set.
Phillips 3-2 legs, sets 1-0

Set 2
Phillips is throwing great darts and is scoring well to take the first leg. In the second leg Adams had a dart at d18 to take the leg, but missed and Phillips was back to take the leg. In the 3rd leg Scoring was erratic for both, but Adams finishes the tom+  check out on the bull. Leg 4 After being down over 200 points and Phillips on waiting 53 Adams hits a 180 to leave himself 40, Phillips does not finish the the 53 leaving 40, and Adams leaves 20, Philips leaves 20 Adams is back to level the set 2-2.

Leg 5 decider
Adams scoring well enough to get to the double, but double trouble for Adams missing 7 darts for the set, and allows Phillips to work his way down and take the set.
Phillips legs 3-2, sets 2-0

At this point in the match Phillips 35% on the doubles and Adams 24% on the doubles

sets 3
Leg 1
Adams breaks Phillips throw finishing the double on 2 attempts,
Adams 1-0.

Leg 2 
Phillips is in position to break back but leaves 32, Adams leaves 40,  Phillips takes the leg.
Level 1-1

Leg 3
Phillips wants 161 leaves 102,
Adams wants 32 and gets it
Adams 2-1

leg 4
Adams wants 95 and leaves 5
Phillips wants 102 leaves 40
Adams leaves 2
Phillips leaves 10
Adams is back to take it first dart.
Adams legs 3-2, Sets Phillips 2-1

At this point in the match Phillips 29% on the doubles and Adams 29% on the doubles

Set 4
Leg 1
Level scoring in this on and Phillips is waiting on 138 and Adams wants 90 and Adams takes the leg.
Adams 1-0

Leg 2
Level scoring in this leg with Adams only just ahead.
Phillips wants 160 leaves 20
Adams wants 101 and gets it.
Adams 2-0

leg 3
Martin wants 57 leaves 40,
Phillips wants 160 leaves 60
Adams back to take the leg and the set.
Adams legs 3-0, sets level 2-2

Set 5
Avg at this point
Leg 1
Phillips 180 to put pressure on Adams
Adams wants 95, Bull, 13, d16 for the leg
Adams 1-0

leg 2
Phillips opens with 180, 100, 60,
Adams throwing tons
Phillips wants 161 and gets it for the leg against the throw!
level 1-1

Leg 3
a 180, 180, wants 141 t30, s19, s10 leaves 52
Phillips leaves 106
Adams leaves 32
Phillips leaves 24
Adams back for the leg
Adams 2-1

Shout-out from the commentators to Paul Lim as the last to throw a 9 darter at Lakeside.

leg 4
Adams for 76 leaves 20
Phillips wants 85 and gets it.
Level 2-2

Leg 5 decider
Phillips 95, 60, 85, 100 leaves 161
Adams 81, 180, 100, leaves 140
Adams leaves 40
Phillips leaves 62
Adams leaves 39
Phillips leaves 16
Tension here for both with both missing favorite targets.
Adams s7, d16 for the leg and the set.
Adams legs 3-2, sets 3-2
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