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Thursday, January 06, 2011

BDO World #Darts Championship Adams v. Smith 3rd set

This a leg that Smith really needs if he hopes to have a chance in this match. Inconsistent scoring may prove to be his undoing.
set 2 leg 1
Smith wants 156 to take the leg against the throw leaves 16
Adams wants 60 and takes the leg
Adams 1-0

leg 2
Adams wants 161 leaves 62
Smith wants 101 leaves 41
Adams leaves 16
Smith back to take the leg
Level 1-1

leg 3
Adams wants 141 leaves 32
Smith from 178 leaves 78
Adams takes the leg
Adams 2-1

leg 4
Adams wants 170 and leaves 72
Smith wants 170 and t20, t20, 25 leaves 25
Adams leaves 18
Smith takes the leg
level 2-2

leg 5 decider
Level scoring in this leg anyones guess who sees the double first.
Nerves, both players missing targets.
Adams 140 leaves 71
Smith sets up a finish
Adams back to take the leg and the set
Adams legs 3-2, sets 3-0
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