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Monday, January 10, 2011

Help Youth Darts! The Ontario #Youth Provincials for #Darts post by Rocky: The Ontario Youth Provincials for Darts are being held during March Break in St.Catherines. I thought it would be very encouraging to our young players if they could get some rewards, prizes and mementos at that tournament. If the adult darting community could donate things or small amounts of money towards this, the kids would understand that we value what they are doing. Their dedication, their discipline, their practice and hard work are appreciated by us. We are happy they are choosing to play our sport, and we are really happy they are staying out of trouble by being involved in our pastime.


Please send along something that we can give to the young players - that set of darts you will never use, a Tshirt from a tournament you will never wear, dart supplies, maybe gift certificates, dart books, anything that the kids will enjoy and that will show them you care and you are proud of them. I have a set of Chris White darts that I am going to give to them to start it off.


When the kids register, they will be given a free ticket for a Draw and all the prizes will be given out this way.


Send it to me and I will arrange it all - 178 Main Street, Parkhill, Ontario, N0M 2K0.


Thanks in advance - the kids will be really happy and really uplifted by your support.


If you have any questions or want to discuss possible donations, email me at wild78flh at hotmail dot com
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