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Friday, January 07, 2011

Gulliver v. Edwards #BDO Women World #Darts Championship - final

Set 1
Gulliver started with slow scoring, but she was dominate in this set.
Edwards 1-0

Set 2
Leg 1 Gulliver takes the leg.
Gulliver 1-0
Leg 2 Edwards hits her first double for her firs leg or the match
level 1-1

leg 3
Edwards starts the leg with a pair of 140s, and Gulliver not scoring well but with Edwards on a 2 dart finish Gulliver finishes 100; s20, t20, d10
Gulliver 2-1

Leg 4
Gulliver had 1 dart at tops for the set, but missed it, Edwards had 3 at Tops but just misses. Gulliver back for s20, d10.
Gulliver legs 3-1, sets 2-0

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