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Monday, February 09, 2009

Pool and Dart Tournament

Pool and Dart Tournament
Feb 7 2009 10:48PM
It is one of the biggest tournaments in the region-featuring competitors of all ages, from the northern half of the state.

Over the past two days, 12 hundred pool and dart players gathered at Minot's Holiday Inn for the Lafleur Extravaganza.

The event is actually 2 separate tournaments running simultaneously at the same venue.

Boyd Lafleur is one of the main organizers of the extravaganza and he says several months of planning take place before the actual tournament. This is one of around 8 tournaments Lafleur organizes each year, but he says this is by far the best.

(Boyd Lafleur, Tournament Organizer) "They like to have a place to go where they can see other players from around the state, test their competitive edge, whether it's pool or darts. They like to be in an atmosphere where they're playing somebody of their ability, and so it's a lot of comradaree, they sit and play a lot of darts, they sit and play a lot of pool, they meet people from all over, and it's just a great time."

Lafleur says this has been their biggest tournament in the 15 year history of the event.

Final rounds wrap up this February 7th. (story source...)
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