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Thursday, April 16, 2009

$100.000.00 (USD) Steel-tip Dart Tournament June 19-21

This is a post from this past weekends 30,000.00 (USD) Dart Tournament's director:
quote "doubleone":
After the 'Pacmania' tournament was over I had a meeting with Manny and he told me that he will be backing another for $100.000.00 over the June 19-21 weekend in LA somewhere (venue to be announced soon). As soon as all the details have been finalized I am sure that it will be ADO sanctioned. There are no other big tournaments scheduled for that particular weekend in the U.S. as far as I am aware. He is doing it as a precurser for the Desert Classic, which is the following week, and hopes that the big guns from around the world will be there, as well as all those and more that came to the tournament this past weekend.
It was a huge success, considering how little time everyone involved had to put it together.
Thanks Manny, for supporting and sponsoring a sport that has had very little support and TV coverage over the years here in the U.S., compared with other countries that have regular TV coverage on a weekly/monthly basis and that have paid professionals that can actually earn a living playing darts.

Jan :D
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More about Manny Pacquiao at the following link:

These dates seem to conflict with:

From the Planet Darts website:
20 Dinslaken, Germany Players Championship (Dinslaken)
21 Dinslaken, Germany Players Championship (Dinslaken)

From the World Darts Federation website:
19 - 21 2 CANADIAN OPEN Info St Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
20 -21 3 AUSTRIA OPEN WIEN Info Vienna, Austria
21 2 NEW ZEALAND MASTERS Palmerston North, New Zealand

From the British Dart Organization website:
19-21 ● CANADIAN OPEN Full details St Hyacinthe, Quebec

From the 2009 D.F.A. Calendar & Australian Darts Tournament Rankings List:
June - 20 TDC State Singles Closed Ladies Men TAS DFA St. Albies Hall Launceston

June - 21 Zone 7 Open Open Ladies Men QLD DFA Mackay Dart Hall, Shinn St, Mackay

June - 21 Bunbury Classic Open Ladies Men WA DFA Commercial Club, Bunbury

From the ADO website:
06-19 thru 06-21 Cherry Bomb International521 $10,000

I'll post updates as I get them.....

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