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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Premier League Darts - Night 13 - April 30 - Sheffield Arena - James Wade v Jelle Klaasen - final

James Wade v Jelle Klaasen
7th leg
Wade to throw first
Klaasen wins the leg against the throw.
Wade leads 5-2

8th leg
Klaasen 207 and Wade takes out the 81; t19, d12 to win the leg.
Wade leads 6-2

9th leg
Wade wins the leg
Wade leads 7-2

10th leg
Klaasen hits to 180 to leave 104 and
Klaasen takes out the 104 and wins the leg.
Wade leads 7-3

11th leg
Wade starts the leg with 180
with wade on 36 Klaasen finishes the 70; t18, d8 to win the leg
Wade 7-4

12th leg
Wade leaves himself on 170.
Wade looking at 170 and shoots....


Bull to have the high checkout of the night, win the leg and win the match!
Wade wins it 8-4 final

Results link:
Whyte & Mackay Premier League Darts
April 30 - Sheffield Arena

Raymond van Barneveld 7-5 Adrian Lewis (Challenge Match)
Phil Taylor 7-4 Dennis Priestley (Challenge Match)
Terry Jenkins 8-3 John Part

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