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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Premier League Darts AECC, Aberdeen - April 23: James Wade v Robert Thornton (Challenge Match)

Tonight's matches:
Terry Jenkins v Mervyn King
Jelle Klaasen v Raymond van Barneveld
John Part v Phil Taylor

1st Match:
James Wade v Robert Thornton (Challenge Match)
1st leg
Wade to throw first
Wade opens with 180
Wade on 86 and takes it out!
Wade takes the early lead 1-0

2nd leg
Wade on 36 ... miss, s18, s9...
Thorton s9,s8, d8 to win the leg.
It's all level 1-1

3rd leg
Wade takes the leg...
2-1 Wade

4th leg
Wade opens the leg with 180
another 180 for wade to leave 41
Wade hits the d10, first dart, to win the leg...
Wade leads 3-1

5th leg
Wade hits a 180 to leave 8
Thorton hits a 180, but too late...
Wade d4 to win
Wade leads 4-1

6th leg
Wade opens with a 180
Wade hits another 180, but Thornton is on 8.
Thornton hits the d4 to win the leg
Wade leads 4-2 at the break...
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