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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Please support youth darts! - Auction Items Going up For Grabs!

Ok, as most are aware, This month I run a Funraiser Tourney for my youth dart league. This year i have decided to add to the punch. Some items are going to be put up listed on here and for Everyones Bidding pleasures. These items have been donated by some great players and sponsors. The day of the event (April 25th from 11am till 3 pm Est) I will be broadcasting Live Via the internet the goings on of the event. These Silent Auction items will be placed out and players and visitors will thn have a chance at bidding on these items. If you would like to get in on the bidding of any of these items, 1. You MUST contact me no later thn April 23 At which time you will let me know YOUR TOP price for the item. Your name will then be added to the Bidding list on the day of the event. IF you get out bid and there is time remaining before the auction closes I will post it and let you know. so that you have a chance to bid again if needed. All winners will be notified the evening of the event (Or watch it live to see who won it). Any Winning bidder outside of the event will need to pay shipping costs (Done with the smallest amount of $$ possible). Once you have placed a bid, it becomes a contract for that event. All sales will be final. PAyment must be made within 10 days after the auction.
This auction and fundraiser is to benifit the youth dart league, to help pay for their trips to Provincial Championships each year, and thier final banquet of the year.
This year again Steven and I are raising money to have our heads shaved.. Again.. Last year $166. was made for Al and Myself to have it shaved, We looking to double that if we can... AHHHH... and to think i havent cut it since last year either... Im gonna miss it...But well worth the cause..
Id like to thank all the supporters over the past year for the league, and the donaters for your help. Here is the items we have available for the online auction. Not all items we have will be available online... just these ones. More May be added as a few more items have yet to arrive!
Any questions please feel free to contact me anytime!
Enjoy the pictures:

2009 World Championships Program Signed by Taylor and Barney:Donated By Dartoid!

New Set Of Chris white Steel Tip Darts" Donated By Chris White:Signed

Youth Team Mouse Pad Donated By Kelly Ragland"Signed by youth league players!

New Chris White Signed Dart Shirt From Puma: Size3xl

Signed David Fatum Official Team Canada Asia Bullshooter 2009 Dart Shirt. One of a aKind Donated By David Fatum Size XXl:

Set of USED David Fatum Steel Tip darts, Used at the 08 US Open and The 09WC. Donated by David Himself"

Signed Copy of Bullseye NEws featuring Johnny K, Donated by Johnny K himself:

Set of New Johnny K Steel Tip Darts Donated by Johnny K:

Official Signed Johnny K Dart Shirt Size XXl Donated by Johnny K:

John Part Official Dart Shirts, Worn (And professionally washed) by John Part Himself. Donated By Natascha PArt Sizes Large and XL. You are bidding on your choice ofONE Shirt.:

Two Puma Dart Shirts Donated By Sizes Ladies l, MEns, l, ex.Your bidding on ONEShirt:

Set of NewRob Heckman Steel Tip darts Signed by Rob, Donated by ROb Heckman:

Signed Puma Darts Shirt ROb Heckman Size Large Donated by ROb himself.:

4 Youth Team Magnets Donated By Rags To Stitches Kelly Ragland
Your bidding on One:

Sets of Flights From Your bidding on 10 sets Pears:

Thanks to all that have donated. This will be a great event, Last we we raised just under $900. in 5 hours. which helped send the team to provincials about 600 klm away. Your support to this league has been amazing. Thank you all and have fun Bidding, I wil lpost a link a few days before this event where you can watch it Live.
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Auction Items Going up For Grabs

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