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Saturday, April 18, 2009

a post form Sleepykramer - Wild West Shootout 2009

Promised the guys in AZ that I would get this out here for everyone to pass along the info. Unfortunately, there were many rumors flying around that this event was not going to take place. I have been assured that it is on.

For those that have never been and may consider....I recommend it totally. The crew is one of a kind and totally awesome. The event always runs well. We have gone for years and years. It is unfortunate that it is the same weekend as Bullshooter, but they are okay with that.

The hotel and staff are primo. They loved having us all there last year and the hotel shuttles run...I believe 24/ is only 5 minutes away and we could call at anytime to have them come to the track to pick us up....whether it be one of us or ten of us. They were awesome.

The dog track staff was equally glad to have everyone there and it was kinda fun to be able to go sit outside and bet on a few races in between events.

Larger version of flyer available here


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Wild West Shootout 2009
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