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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Premier League Darts AECC, Aberdeen - April 23 Terry Jenkins v Mervyn King at the break

Tonights matches:
Jelle Klaasen v Raymond van Barneveld
John Part v Phil Taylor

2nd Match:
Terry Jenkins v Mervyn King at the break

1st leg:
Jenkins to throw first
Jenkins takes the first leg
Jenkins 1-0

2nd leg:
King hits the first 180 of the match leaving 321
Jenkins has the crowds support, and King has to boos...
Both players on 25, but King hits it first...
All level 1-1

3rd leg:
Jenkins takes the leg
Jenkins 2-1

4th leg:
Jenkins... 180 to leave 181 and King on 301
Jenkins misses the 51.. s8,s3,s20 finish and King finishes 60..
All level 2-2

5th leg:
King 180 to leave 131
Jenkins missing badly attempting to finish 76
King hits d20 2nd dart to win the leg...
King leads 3-2

6th leg:
King 180 to leave 121
Jenkins misses the 120 finish leaving 40
King can't hit the finish
Jenkins hits d20 to win the leg
All leve 3-3 at the break...

James Wade 7-2 Robert Thornton (Challenge Match)

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