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Thursday, April 16, 2009

from the email stack... Toronto Darts Newsletter – April 2009

Toronto Darts Newsletter – April 2009

  1. King of the Hill 2 –
  2. What a Day!
  3. 2 New Events – The King of the Hill Cricket and Queen of the Hill
  4. Spread the Word and Help us Go Viral
  5. Dart Cards – Fun for Players of All Abilities
  6. Have You Entered To Win This Month?
  7. Question of the Month: What’s Up With "A" Players?
  8. Last Month’s Nodor-Swiftflyte Winner
  9. Tournaments & Events – Lots of Dart Action
  10. This Month’s Dart Video(s)
  11. Don’t Forget About our News Archives
  12. Discounts Coupons from Sponsors

1. King of the Hill 2 – What a Day!

We had one heck of a day at King of the Hill 2 on April 4th, including a near perfect game from Dan Olson and 45 people watching the final 2 play it out for the title! After all was said and done, we have a new King of the Hill - Bernie Miller from Fergus now holds the crown and title as well as all the cash and swag that comes from being King.

Click here to read more:

2. Announcing 2 New Toronto Darts Events - The King of Hill Cricket and Queen of the Hill

While we had such a great day at the King of the Hill 2 we thought we’d do 2 more!

King of the Hill Cricket

Sat May 23

Queen of the Hill 501

Sat May 30

The cost is $25 for either event.

Click on the above links to info. and to register.

3. Spread the Word – Help us Go Viral

No, we don’t mean give people a cold bug, we mean help spread the word about Toronto Darts.

Our mission is simple: To get more people playing more darts and get them enjoying it more.

If that sounds good to you, forward this newsletter to people you think might enjoy reading it.

The more people we have coming to our site, the more we can offer back – especially our monthly contests.

Note: In most e-mail programs, all you have to do is choose FORWARD with this message active and choose who to send it to.

If you send it via bcc or Blind Carbon Copy, e-mail addresses are hidden, so you won’t be giving out e-mails of people who wish to stay private.

4. Dart Cards – Fun for Players of All Abilities

Ever wonder how to make the game of darts fun again for players of all levels – even beginners? Ever wish there was a game you could play that gave even novice players a fighting chance ton-machine veterans?

Well, with Dart Cards, now you can.

With 4 different colour-coded series of cards in each set, Dart Cards can help you handicap a game of darts to make it fun and enjoyable for all.

Read more about how to invigorate your love of the game of darts:

5. Have You Entered Our Monthly Contest Yet?

You can’t win if you don’t enter, so if you haven't entered this month’s contest, or think you haven’t, enter now:

Don't worry about duplicate entries because our software will find them. Only one entry per person per month will count.

6. Question of the Month: What’s With "A" Players?

We’ve heard a lot of "A" players across southern Ontario complain about the lack of events and league activities for them to participate in over the past couple of years.

However, when we run events or present events to these same "A" players, they don’t show up or even seem interested.

So what is with these guys? Are they just natural-born complainers, or is it us who are getting too crusty for our own good?

Click here to add your 2 cents:

7. Last Month’s Nodor-Swiftflyte Winner

Congratulations to Karen Neilson from Niagara Falls for winning a brand new Nodor-Swiftflyte board. Coincidentally, Karen was the first ever winner of one of our boards back in Fall 2007. Might be just in time for a replacement.

8. Tournaments & Events – Lots of Dart Action

Remember, listing tournaments is a community project and we can’t list them if we’re not told about them. If you know about a tournament not listed in our tournament pages, please tell us by clicking here: or help by e-mailing or telling the organizer about this website.

Toronto Darts – King of the Hill Cricket
Sat. May 23, 2009

Toronto Darts – Queen of the Hill Ladies Tournament
Sat. May 30, 2009

Other Listings:

Ride to Cure Cancer Tourney– Toronto, ON
Sat. April 18, 2009

Mixed 3 Player | Men’s and Ladies Singles – Toronto, ON
Sun. April 19, 2009

Salmon Harvest – Victoria, BC
April 24-26, 2009

Medicine Hat Open – Medicine Hat, AB
April 24-26, 2009

Hawk Hart Memorial – Havelock, Ontario
Sat. April 25, 2009

Parkhill Youth Darts – Parkhill, Ontario
Sat. April 25, 2009

4th Annual Listowel Open – Listowel, Ontario
Sat. April 25, 2009

Cleveland Dart Extravaganza – Cleveland, Ohio
May 1-3, 2009

Le Skratch – Saint-Hubert, Quebec
May 8-10, 2009
Note: Registrations are required prior to April 30th, so hurry to get them in.

Rodeo City Open – Calgary, AB
May 15-17, 2009

Toronto Darts – King of the Hill Cricket
Sat. May 23, 2009

Toronto Darts – Queen of the Hill Ladies Tournament
Sat. May 30, 2009

Greater Boston Open & North American Darts Championship – Boston, Mass, US
May 29 – 31, 2009

Also, there are Blind Draws Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, as well as every Second Wednesday and every Second Friday. To find out where check out our tournaments section:

And sometimes we get last minute notice of other tournaments and the only place to look for them is in our forum:

9. This Month’s Dart Video(s)

After watching Dan Olson almost throw a perfect game in our King of the Hill 2 tournament, we started to wax a bit nostalgic for Canadian Dart Accomplishments. The first thing that comes to mind is the 2nd World Championship for John Part in 2003 vs. Phil Taylor, which many people claim to be one of the best ever.

Part 1:

Part 2:

10. Don’t Forget About our News Archives

Wanted to check on something, or see older stories that have moved off our home page:

11. Discounts Coupons from Sponsors

Go to our coupons page, print off the coupon, and take it with you to receive your Friend of Toronto Darts Discount from select pubs:

Please support our sponsors, after all, they make this site possible:

F.G. Bradley’s
3 Retail Stores in the Greater Toronto Area. Proudly Canadian owned and operated

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Bull’s Eye News
The Dart Player’s Magazine

Toronto Darts Featured Bars
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