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Saturday, January 01, 2011

response to BEN article - AN OPEN LETTER TO THE DART COMMUNITY: #darts

  -In response to Mr. Dick Allix’s Nelson’s Column in BullsEyeNews of July/Aug & Nov/Dec 2010..

I want to challenge the dart league directors and tournament organizers:

Let’s back those local players we know are good enough to play at the highest level. The ones who have what it takes to go all the way but need some guidance, some financial help, and some structure.

Let’s create and put on good high entry/high pay out events that will put good money in the pockets of the players that earn it.

Let’s be creative in coming up with ways to drum up sponsorship or backing for the top local player(s) to help get them to that big event, either nationally or abroad.

The ways and means are out there. I have my own beliefs and ideas……

(I have created DART PLAYERS NEW YORK, which has launched the DPNY 2011 $10,000 Players Championship Tour. A series of 6 events based upon the PDC tour, which upon the Grand Finals will award the winning player a $3000 sponsorship package. Events such as this, in coordination with weekly singles league play using the PDSL (Pro Developmental Singles League) system, is in my opinion the formula for success in achieving growth among the U.S. players)

…..but I don’t want it to come across as if I’m pushing one certain agenda. Whatever gets it done gets it done. The bottom line is…..

Good players need to play good players for good money on a regular basis

You love the game right? Let’s all go back and tap into the pure love we have for darts.

Don’t you want to be that person on the other side of the railing, watching that player you helped support, nurture and grow play in the world championships? I DO.

And to the players……
When we the organizers have put on these events or have worked behind the scenes to get you to an event:
We want to see you succeed. We want to help you build a stake to cover travel fees, entry fees and other tournament training expenses.

The more we all work together to build and fine tune things in the right direction, the better chance we have to offer a professional polished player to represent a company’s hard earned business interests.

Anthony Eugenia
Founder & Tournament Director

Join the conversation at:
Dart Players New York
Tournament Director

Regional Rep- NYC

Queensborough Darts Association
League Director
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