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Saturday, January 01, 2011

World #Darts Championship Saturday January 1 2011 Quarter-Finals

set 1, leg 1
Dispite Newton having a shot at the double first, Jenkins holds his throw.
Jenkins 1-0

leg 2
Newton 116 wanted leaves 16
Jenkins 64 wanted and he breaks the throw.
Jenkins 2-0

leg 3
Jenkins  wants 157 leaves 50
Newton  on 202 leaves106
Jenkins  leaves 5
Newton leaves 32
Jenkins leaves 4
Newton leaves 16
Jenkins back to take the leg
Jenkins legs 3-0, sets 1-0

The first leg of this set saw both players struggle to find scoring, but in leg 2 & 3 they both hit ton+ scores. They both hit their doubles well, but had double trouble in the 3rd leg. This is the first set that Newton has dropped in the tournament.
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