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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Australian Darts Legends (Inc) for over 45 years

The Australian Legends Championships for 2009 will be held in Perth, Western Australia

Wally Hagan Basketball Stadium
starling Street (off Forrest Road0
Hamilton Hill WA

Saturday 24th October thru to Saturday 31st October 2009

AGM Saturday 24th + opening ceremony
teams events Sunday 25th & Monday 26th
Singles Tuesday 27th
Rest Day Wednesday 28th
Doubles Thursday 29th
Mixed doubles Friday 30th
Closing ceremony + presentation Saturday 31st October

all events will be graded
entry fee is $20.00
Closing date is August 30th, 2009
No refunds of monies after the closing date

The web site to view accommodation available in the area for the 2009 Championships venue is:

On this site click on "accommodation" to view all types from caravan parks to five star.
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