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Monday, September 01, 2008

I got this email today...

It seems to be an effort that would good to look into and try to help. Take a look and give it some consideration.

My name is Perminus Karanja. I am from Kenya and operate a Fishing fly tying business -
I am a great lover of Darts and have been trying to use this to bring the youths and aged in our community together to Free time playing Darts other than engadge in Drugs and roberry. Unfortunately, I cannot be able to meet all their requirements and have been looking for partners who can assist me.
Some of the people play the game outside my small house, while others play in Bars. I need assistance to have them registered as a club and get them a decent place where they can be playing. I am looking at a situation where you would be willing to come to Kenya for a Safari and spend a day or two with us at a dart game after seeing all the wild animals and the likes in Kenya. I am looking at a situation where you would tell more and more people coming to Kenya to visit us and altimately a situation where this would be a major dart club in the world.
Please let me know what you think.

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