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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Teenagers in County squad

HERTFORDSHIRE started the new Inter-County season with the visit of Warwickshire to the Shamrock Club in Welwyn Garden City.

Manager Charlie Brownless gave debuts to Jonathan Creed, aged 19, and Daniel Ovens, aged 13 and the team faced a tough challenge against a side they had never beaten since the BDO (British Darts Organisation) was formed in 1973.

Daniel was drawn out first and lost the first two legs but won the third leg in 16 darts and then won the next two legs to win 3-2. John Blair, from St Albans, was also a winner for Herts, taking his match 3-2 with a 160 finish. The Herts team played very well but could not stop Warwickshire from winning 23-16.

The ladies did not start too well either, losing the first two games before Jill Theobald (Welwyn) won 3-1. Lady of the Match Lynne Taylor (3-0) took her match with a 21.17 average and Linda Reed (3-2) also claimed victory to secure a 3-3 draw.

On Sunday, against a very strong Warwickshire Ladies 'A' team, Herts lost 5-1 with only Jane Phillips (Watford) playing well to win 3-0 and take the match award with a 22.43 average.

The men's A team did play well but did not get the breaks and lost 7-5. Man of the Match was Steve Hartley who won 3-1 with a 26.95 average.
11:29 - 25 September 2008
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