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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

War of words has begun in dart comp

DARTS: It’s only a few weeks away from the start of the battle of the clubs and hotels, and there is already a war of words being waged in the streets of Wellington.

Hey everyone, it is only a game of darts. But I suppose this is about pride and bragging rights so I have been told.

The response to the darts competition has been overwhelming with the amount of teams already nominated to represent their club or hotel.

Unfortunately, the Wellington Hotel had to withdraw from the competition due to prior commitments which they have been doing for some time.

It would have been impossible to run a darts night, but I have been told not to forget them as they are looking at competing in future competitions.

A cry for help has been issued by the Grand Hotel.

They have had a run of bad luck forming their teams as work-related commitments have decimated the Grand’s nominations down to one part-time player and one full-time player.

I am sure there are plenty of darts players, male and female out there who would relish the chance of representing their favourite hotel. If so, ring or call into the grand and ask for Bob, he will open you with open arms.

If you are lucky, he may even give you a big hug (male or female).

On a serious note, the competition starts on October 7, but before we get started we need to hold a meeting with hopefully one delegate from each team to attend.

The meeting will be held at the bowling club at 7pm on September 30.

It is to discuss the running of the competition and to give out the draw sheets to each of the delegates.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone for the interest shown in seeing darts played again in Wellington. And all the best in your quest to be the best. (Source link...)

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