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Thursday, September 18, 2008

... in today's email

Found this email posted below on a site and thought I would pass along to remind everyone to get their entries in. This runs the same as the QM, so if you want to get free entry into the games, you must pre-register.

Sadly, JK and I will be missing this inaugural event as we will be in Austin, Texas for the US Team Nationals. But I would like to encourage everyone to attend, as I have been working with the great gents in the Ventura league and this has been a long journey for them to get this going. I would hope that the great people of SoCal could step up and make this first effort for them a great success!

Also, as an added note, last year JK and I took the Amtrak train to Santa Barbara and we noticed that Amtrak has a stop and the site for this event. So if you want to skip the driving, check out the train! It was $54 each round trip for us and well worth the price!

Please pass this info along to anyone I may have missed! Thanks!

Contact The VCDA for a
chance to
sponsor this event!

email: Bryan Gosser

Sponsorship information

Press Release


Click to see the Seaside Highland Games "Gold Coast Shootout I" flier .jpg

Click to see the Seaside Highland Games "Gold Coast Shootout I" flier .pdf

Just a reminder that the Ventura Dart Association are hosting their very first ADO sanctioned dart tourney coming up on the weekend of October 11. There is a deadline for preregistration which will get you into the festival for free. The deadline for pre sign ups is Sept 30th so I strongly encourage you to go to our website at and click on “Tourneys” to download the flier for the event. You need to sign up for at least 2 events for both days to get a festival pass.

I really hope to see a strong showing from the Santa Barbara Dart Association to show support to Ventura for putting on this event. There are sure to be the best players in Southern California at this event and it should be a great time for everyone.

Take care!!! Anne
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