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Monday, September 29, 2008

Villanueva, Lozada, Malag, Manangod win 4-Man Team title

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 28: It is always good to see two equally-matched titans in action in any sport, for such a clash ensures that there is no dearth of excitement until the final result, and this was the case on Friday at the Handball Gym of Kazma Sports Complex in Adailiya, when two outstanding teams — Snipers and Charging Pins — vied for the “4-Man Team” Title in the darts competition organised by Alpha Phi Omega Kuwait Alumni Association (APO-KAA153) with support from Xpress Money and Popeye’s Chicken. When the final dart was thrown, Snipers — Antonio “Tony” Villanueva, Joe Lozada, Michael Malag and Rudy Manangod — managed to take home the beacon when they outlasted Charging Pins — Chock Sovery, Ronnie Anastacio, Alvin Coronel and John Ferrer in the 3rd game and final game although it was not an easy task for the Snipers since all the matches went into the deciding leg for a final tally of 4-2 points.

APO-KAA 153 organizers had set up the event on a double round robin format with the preliminary play-offs of two singles events on the 501 best of 3 mode of play which equalled 1 point while two doubles were also counted as 1 point each with 701 best of 3 as the mode of game. For the team event 1001 was used as the mode of play in the best of 3 games and this brought 2 points but in the 2nd round the step-the-ladder setup was used.
The initial singles event of the final game saw Chock on top in the 1st set against Tony when he hit doubles 9 but Tony managed to level in the 2nd leg when he hit doubles 1 to push for the 3rd deciding set that favoured him when he managed a doubles 16 for the win.
However, Ronnie prevailed against Joe in a seesaw battle in the 2nd singles match when he got the perfect eye for doubles 2 in both the 1st and 3rd deciding sets while Joe clinched victory in the 2nd leg with a doubles 10.

When both teams were on level with 1-1 points, Snipers advanced initially in the doubles class with Joe and Tony having a mouth-watering clash before outlasting the tandem of Chock and John by taking the 1st set and 3rd sets with doubles 12 and 16 respectively while Chock and John triumphed in the 2nd set by hitting doubles 16.
Charging Pins manoeuvred the next doubles game into their favour through Ronnie and Alvin who edged Mike and Rudy.
The 1st set witnessed Ronnie and Alvin driven by passion and pressure to level their rivals and get a doubles 16 for victory but Mike and Rudy controlled the 2nd set with a doubles 6 to move the game into the 3rd deciding set which favoured Ronnie and Alvin when they managed a doubles 1.
Darts supporters were on the edge of their seats when the 4-Man Team event started because with both the sides level it was this matchup that would decide the fate of both teams but just like any other sport there could only be one winner and this time it was the Snipers.
It was, however, not an easy victory for Snipers although they had taken the 1st set by hitting their favourite number — doubles 16 — but their opponents proved that they were not an easy prey and fought back to clinch the 2nd set when they knocked doubles 1 to push the match into the 3rd deciding set.

Snipers soon collected their together and came up with a game plan that brought them the 1st 4-Man Championship crown as they pulled off a doubles 16 for the win in the final set.
Earlier that day, in Game 1 Snipers and Charging Pins put their best foot forward and levelled 3-3. Tony triumphed in the initial singles game against Chock when he finished the 1st and 3rd set by knocking doubles 1 while Chock ruled in the 2nd set by hitting doubles 14 while Snipers took the team event that brought them a total of 3 points.
On the other hand, Charging Pins had a hold in the 2nd singles game played by Ronnie as he brushed aside Joe in 2 easy sets striking doubles 20 and 16 respectively while Charging Pins also dominated both the doubles category that saw them reach 3 points.
In Game 2, Charging Pins were in full battle gear when they completed wins in both the singles and doubles class but it seemed that when Snipers combined their skills it brought them victory in the group category.

The awarding ceremony followed shortly, and the occasion seemed like a “reunion” for the brothers and sisters of APO-KAA 153 who had come to offer their full support for another successful competition in which they recognised all the winners — Bernadette Tarucan, Anelene Advincula, Ernie Enot, Amor Auro, George Enteria, Sonny Mariano, Nelson Santiago, Robin Dayao, Isabel Quipse, Jenny Fuentelar, Espie Gumia, Anthony Decena, Lenz Bayot, Deo and Noel Amador, Caloy Abesamis, and Vic Pine.

Awards winners
Champions — Snipers
Antonio Villanueva
Joe Lozada
Michael Malag
Rudy Manangod
1st runners-up — Charging Pins
Chock Sovery
Ronnie Anastacio
Alvin Coronel
John Ferrer
2nd runners-up — Dart Knights
Kennedy Salvador
Rey Ilarde
Billy Ramos
Ray Allan Sayoto
3rd runners-up — Lupin IV
Joselito Deza
Emil Cablar
Vhon Aznar
Bong Gaza
Special Awards
TON 80
Kennedy Salvador (twice)
Joe Lozada
Joselito Deza
Cherry Outing
Wally Bassig
Emil Cablar
Ronnie Anastacio

On the other hand, the other non-winners who joined the competition are El Caviteño — composed of Darwin Palacao, Wally Bassig, Jojo Bassig and Noel Amador while the 1 9 2 5 line-up was based Lindsey Bayot, Anthony Decena, Deo Amador and Nelson Santiago. However, with consistent practice these names can be on the next list of winners and since APO-KAA 153 are “cooking up ” various competitions, fun and excitement will surely never desert the arena.
APO-KAA 153 would like to offer special thanks to Bro. Nelson Santiago, Sis. Amor Auro, Bro. Deo Amador, Bro. Ernie Enot, and Bro. George Enteria.

APO-Darts organizers would like to extend their gratitude to Ramdas Nair of Xpress Money, Majed Al-Trabolsi of Musaad Alsaleh Travel Co. and Rudolf Arceo from Popeyes’ Chicken for the sponsorship of this event. APO KAA-153 organizers would like to invite all darts enthusiasts to join their upcoming “5th APO-Dart Tourney” entitled “1st Expressmoney-APO Founders” tournament, which will be held from 17th October to 19th December 2008. For details contact: Lenz Bayot -6905164, Anthony Decena - 5018672, Nilo Madrid – 9449634.

By Jose Gabriel
Special to the Arab Times (Source link...)

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