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Friday, April 10, 2009

from the email stack... it’s time to close GDF down

It's sad to see this forum close, but I hope that folks that post there find other forums to enjoy...

Hi all, Sponsors & site Affiliates.

Yes after a good run I have come to the decision that it’s time to close Global Darts Forum (GDF) down, this has NOT been influenced by anyone or Dart body (as some may thing I have been ‘persuaded to shutdown”) but is solely my own decision based on the site going dead and the monthly cost of keeping it alive for 2-4 members to post.
The site will close down approx 1st -5th May so please join The dartboard before the GDF closes!

However all is not lost! Nick Williams (Nick is owner of “The Dartboard”) and I have come up with a few idea’s and have put an “Aussie” section in his forum to make all GDF members at home as well Nick has ALOT of other great threads, subjects on offer so please join up post in the Aussie section then check out his great forum.

I know you will treat Nicks forum like the GDF and Nick and his moderators are always around to help, even try out the prediction leagues as you can win a prize! Fortunately or unfortunately (depends on who you are) I will be there as have been a member there before I even got GDF off the ground, Nicks forum has been going since 1999.

Take care, good darting and as always

See you at the Oche'

Wazza180 (AKA Warren Ackary)
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