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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Premier League Darts, Week Ten - April 9 - Westpoint Arena, Exeter- Phil Taylor v Terry Jenkins - finale

Week Ten - April 9 - Westpoint Arena, Exeter
Part will play twice tonight due to Mardle being out with and illness. We all wish him a speedy recovery!

John Part 8-6 Mervyn King finale

Phil Taylor v Terry Jenkins

7 th leg
Taylor 180 to leave 227
Taylor wins the leg
Taylor leads 4-3

8 th leg
Taylor opens the leg with a 180.
Tayor on 60 and Jenkins finishes 78; t18, s12, d6 to win the leg
It's all level 4-4

9 th leg:
Jenkins on 211 and Taylor finishes 40 to win the leg
Taylor is up 5-4.

10 th leg
Jenkins hits the 180 to leave 181, Taylor on 225
Jenkins on 10 but Taylor can not finish the 167.
Jenkins win the leg.
All level 5-5

11 the leg:
Jenkins hits the 180 leaving 261.
Taylor hits the d16 to win the leg.
Taylor wins 6-5

12 leg
Jenkins hits 180 leaving 181 Tayor on 221.
Taylor on 170 Jenkins on 40
Taylor can't finish the 170
Jenkins hits the d20 to win it.
All level at 6-6

13th leg:
Taylor finishes the 102
Taylor leads 7-6

14th leg:
Jenkins to throw first.
No big scores in this leg until Taylor hit 140 to leave 106.
Taylor leaves 16, and Jenkins hits t20, d20 to win the leg.
It ends in a 7-7 tie finale.

Next matches:
James Wade v Raymond van Barneveld
John Part v Jelle Klaasen
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