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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Premier League Darts, Week Ten - April 9 - Westpoint Arena, Exeter - James Wade v. Raymond van Barneveld - finale

Week Ten - April 9 - Westpoint Arena, Exeter
Part will play twice tonight due to Mardle being out with and illness. We all wish him a speedy recovery!

John Part 8-6 Mervyn King finale
Phil Taylor 7-7 Terry Jenkins

7th leg
Wade holds his throw with a 101 t20, s1, d20 finish
Wade leads 4-3

8th leg
van Barneveld hits a 180.
Wade takes out the 61 (t7. miss, d20) to win the leg
Wade leads 5-3

9th leg:
Another 180 for Wade!
116 for Wade... leave 16
one dart in the d18 wins it for van Barneveld
Wade leads 5-4

10th leg:
van Barneveld wins it.
It's all level 5-5.

11th leg:
Wade hits a 180 leaving 261
Wade on 112 and leaves 40
van Barneveld does not finish the 40!
Wade wins it!
6-5 lead for Wade.

12th leg:
180 for Wade! 191 left!
van Barneveld on 62 leaves 12.
van Barneveld leaves 16
Wade takes 3 darts to hit the d6.
Wade leads 7-5

13th leg:
Wade hits 180 to leave 81.
van Barneveld on 193.
Wade finishes the 81 to win the match.
Wade 8-5 finale.

Next match:
John Part v Jelle Klaasen
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