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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Week Ten - April 9 - Westpoint Arena, Exeter

Part will play twice tonight due to Mardle being out with and illness. We all wish him a speedy recovery!

John Part v Mervyn King at the break

1st leg:
Part to throw first
Part holds his throw
Part leads 1-0

2nd leg:
King holds his throw
it's level 1-1

3rd leg:
each player has missed 3 darts at the doubles
Part takes out d5 with the first dart to hold his throw.
Part leads 2-1

4th leg:
Part hits the first 180 of the match to leave 88,
Part take out the 88 for an 11 dart leg to win the leg against the throw.
Part leads 3-1

5th leg:
King takes out 90 on the Bull to break back.
Part leads 3-2

6th leg:
King wins the leg.
It's all level 3-3
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