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Monday, November 24, 2008

ADO Region II-2, Men's and Ladies Cricket Regional

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting the men’s regional results, but I wanted to wait until the ladies regional was done so I could post both sets of results. Many thanks to the GSDDA for hosting the men’s event and to PDA for hosting the ladies event.

Our men’s regional was on November 9th at Fleet Reserve in Poway. Great folks at this place and we had a great time there. Although I was expecting more players to be there, we still did have a total of 9 men to play. Seeing as it was a Sunday, the gents opted to break up into 2 groups, one of 4 and one of 5. I was able to view many of the matches all day long and let me tell you, a majority of these games could have gone either way. No one ran away with this day.

The results for the spades group were as follows:

Marvin Wentz (GSDDA)-9 legs won

Doug McDonough (GSDDA)--5 legs won

Bill Neel (VCDA)-3 legs won

Dan Jager (GSDDA)--1 leg won

The results for the hearts groups were as follows:

Andrew Bennett (SCDA)-8 legs won

JD Newman (GSDDA)-7 legs won

Mark Pundt (GSDDA)-6 legs won

Al Marsteiner (PDA)-5 legs won

Mark Veatch (GSDDA)-4 legs won

The top 2 from each group made up a 4 man round robin. The results were as follows:

Andrew Bennett-6 legs won

Marvin Wentz-5 legs won (Marvin won playoff)

Doug McDonough-5 legs won

JD Newman-3 legs won

Congratulations to Andrew Bennett from SCDA who will now go on to the Cricket Nationals in Las Vegas in January. Good luck Andrew!

Our ladies event was held on November 22nd at the Dolphin Lounge in Anaheim. Thanks again to Loree for letting us host the event there. As many of you may not know, Loree has taken the initiative to make the bar smoke-free, so please take the time to stop by and express your appreciation for this.

We had a total of 5 ladies for the event. The ladies results were as follows:

Christa DeBoer (TDS)-10 legs won

Anne Kramer (TCP)-9 legs won

Joyce Bleak (PDA)-7 legs won

Darla Glass-Hill (PDA)-2 legs won

Deb Pundt (GSDDA)-2 legs won

Congratulations to Christa DeBoer from TDS who will now go on to the Cricket Nationals in Las Vegas in January. Good luck Christa! For those of you that may not know, this will be Christa’s first national competition, so wish her well!

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the regional events. Without you, we would not be having any and all participation is appreciated!

Our next regional will be for the US Masters. It appears that the Pat Murphy Spring Fling will again be held in March, and we may look at hosting the regional on the Sunday following this event….however, I will do my best to find a venue that will allow us to start a little earlier so the players that have a drive will be able to leave early enough in the day to get home at a decent hour.

As always, if you have any concerns or ideas regarding our regional events, please do no hesitate to contact me.

In addition, I will say that while this past year as your regional director has been an awesome experience, because of my company’s transition and mine into the MetLife world; I cannot see myself having enough free time to continue in this role in the manner that I had envisioned when I first accepted the challenge. I will finish out this next year, but I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention, so you too can consider accepting the challenge that the role has to offer for the growth of darts in Southern California.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all my darting friends in the region and many wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Take care!!! Anne
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