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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mixed fortunes in John Smith’s Darts League

Cygnet’s John Smith gamed in 19 darts and Kev Walton (180) for 18 darts in the John Smith’s Mixed League at Huntington, whose last pairing of Joan Hunter and Dave Brigham took match points.

Cueball’s Pete Leake gamed in 18 at Winning Post whose only points came via Julie Mackrell.

Acomb saw strong play from the ladies. Nikki Judson gamed in 24 darts, Di Moreland gamed on 116 and Michelle Britton went out on 109.

Doreen Johnstone did a two-dart 100 finish and Anita Adams shot out on 92. Other 180s came from Huntington’s Dave O’Hara, Tramway’s Toni Smallwood and Cygnet’s Ken Walton.

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