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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dart players attempt to break world record

EIGHT dart players from Mandurah, Rockingham, Harvey and Bunbury dart associations will attempt to break a 17-year-old world record this weekend.

Brothers Justin and Jamie Miles, father and son Dominic and Joe Comito Lawrence Ryder, Dave Hughes, John Kiley, Nigel Hartley are aiming to break the world record of using the least amount of darts to reach the score of 1,000,001.

The current record of 36,583 dart shots was set in America in 1991.

There is no time limit and the eight local players will attempt the new record from tomorrow night until Sunday in an industrial shed in Pinjarra.

Playing in pairs at hour and half-hour intervals non-stop, an average of between 40 to 50 darts will be shot per hour.

Under strict instructions from Guinness World Records, all players will have to keep a log book and the whole event will be recorded.

The eight players nominated to break to record all in the top 10 to 12 players in the A-grade Peel Darts Association; the age of the players range from 18 to 57 combine for more than 100 years’ experience in playing darts.

The idea to break the world record came from Mandurah Darts Association president Dave Bickley.

He originally wanted to attempt the record four years ago to raise money but due to night shifts and other reasons it never came to fruition until now.

“We’re doing it now as a challenge for ourselves,” Bickley said.

“The guys are all very keen and even if we don’t break it this time they’re already talking of making another attempt in the near future.”

Anyone is welcome to attend the record breaking attempt.

Call Dave Bickley 158 327 for more information.

The Mandurah Darts Association season will start on March 5 with team nominations to be finalised by January 26.

Anyone interested in playing darts can phone Bickley or club secretary Phil Metcalf on 9586 9739 for further details. (story source...)

26/11/2008 3:28:00 PM

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