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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winmau World Masters Draw Online...

I'm not too sure how many SEWA members from around the world are competing, but here are the draws for all the American entrants :

Tim O'Gorman v Colin Rice (D) - Group 3
David Schuyler v Willy van de Wiel (NL) - Group 6
Jim Widmayer v Paul Newstead (ENG) - Group 8
Chris Linkous v David Thooris (F) - Group 10
Steve Brown v Dyson Parody (GIB) - Group 11
Scott Wollaston v David Miklas (CZ) - Group 12
Brian Blake v Shaun Allez (GUE) - Group 14

Stacy Bromberg v Natalie Tucker (WAL) - Group 2
Mary Jo Chesney v Carina Ekberg (S) - Group 3
Sandy Hudson v Ana Hemmersbach (CH) - Group 5
Christina Medina v Joan Hatlestad (N) - Group 6
Paula Murphy v Mayumi Ouchi (J) - Group 7

Dan Lauby Jr v Alexander Glatthorn (D) - Group 3

The draw for the Playoffs for the Lakeside World Championship - to be held on the Thursday before the Masters - will probably be posted by early next week.
Winmau World Masters Draw Online... ( link)
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