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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Estates Services Darts League 11-27-08

The fastest game last week was a 15 dart game from Sean Wilson. Other quick games came from P. Gallagher 16, junior Coyle 17, Kevin Barr, Rodney Orr, Eddie McDermott and Hugh Doherty, all 18, Charlie Grant x2, Paul Gallagher and Thomas McCallion, 19, Artie Stewart 20 (x2), Terry McIntyre, Billy Collette, D. Quinn, Shane Farlan, 21.
Highest finish of the week came from Rodney Orr with a great 154, D. Hutcheson 131, Terry McIntyre 105, Shane Farlan 90, Hugh Doherty 89, Eddie McDermott 78 and Kevin Barr 71.

180 maximums were hit by Chris Doherty, David Kerr and Sean Wilson, who hit two. (full story...)
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