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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Premier league darts Taylor v. Klaasen at the break

1st leg:
Klaasen to throw first
Klaasen opens with 100, 140, 57
Klaasen takes out 108 to win the leg
Klaasen leads 1-0

2nd leg:
Klaasen on 60
Taylor hit d8 first dart to win the leg
it's all level 1-1

3rd leg:
Taylor hits his 1st 180 of the match leaving 121
Taylor on 32, but Klaasen takes out 64 to win the leg.
Klaasen 2-1

4th leg:
Klaasen hits his first 180 leaving 121
Klaasen on 16
Taylor takes out 24
it's level again 2-2

5th leg:
Klaasen on 14
Taylor on 40
Klaasen on 7
Tayorl on 20
Klaasen takes out the 7 with the d1 to win the leg!
Klaasen 3-2

6th leg:
Klaasen 180! 178 left.
Taylor Takes out 24... s12, d6
it's level 3-3 at the break.
It's a great match so far, and the crowd is against Taylor!

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