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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Premier league darts Taylor v. Klaasen fianle

7th leg:
Klaasen takes is first dart at the d16
Klaasen leads 4-3

8th leg:
180 for Taylor leaving 187
Klaasen on 375
Klaasen 265
Taylor takes out the d8 first dart.
all level 4-4

9th leg:
Klaasen opens the leg with 180, and next turn hits 96
Klaasen on 20
Taylor breaks Klaasen's throw with 42... 10, no score, d16 finish
Taylor leads for the first time
Taylor 5-4

10th leg:
Taylor hits 180 leaving 117
Klaasen takes out 64 to break back
All level at 5-5

11th leg
Klaasen 180
Taylor 180
Taylor wins the leg with the 3rd dart at the d16.
Taylor's finishing has not been that great. Less than 30% checkout rate.
Taylor 6-5

12th leg
Taylor misses the 76 out!
Klaasen takes out 32 to win the leg! s16, d8
All level 6-6

13th leg:
Klaasen 72
Taylor takes out 118, s20, t20, d19
Taylor leads 7-6 breaking Klaasen's throw.

14th leg
Taylor to throw first
Klaasen 180 to open the leg
Klaasen missed two doubles to that could have tied it!
Taylor takes it s20, d10 to win the match!
Taylor 8-6 finale

This was an exciting match!
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