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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Premier league darts, Wade v. King at the break, Glasgow 2009

1st leg:
King to throw first
King 60, 137, 140, 60
Wade 57, 85, 125, 65
King hits the d16 to win the leg
King holds his throw
King 1-0

2nd leg;
Wade opens the leg with 180
King takes out the 119 to break Wades throw
King 2-0

3rd leg:
Wade is having difficulty with his doubles
King takes the leg
King 3-0

4th leg
Wade on 108, but King takes out 104
King 4-0

5th leg
King takes the leg
King leads 5-0

6th leg
180 for King leaving 161
Wade takes his first leg of the match
King 5-1 at the break
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